Christian Life Academy

Christian Life Academy provides comprehensive classes on all aspects of living a Christian life. Taught by the pastors of Anchor Baptist Church, the Christian Life Academy classes are designed to both instruct and assist you and your family by helping you live a more Christ centered life.

Christian Life Academy presents Refocusing On Family.
Taught by Pastors Chris Keener and Carl Peters.

In this session, Pastor Chris provides ideas for family ministry.

In this session, Pastor Carl explains the difference between a maintenance model and a missional model.

In this session, Pastor Chris looks at the results of age-segregated ministry.

In this session, Pastor Carl introduces us to the first family and explains the importance of the family throughout Scripture.

 In this session, Pastor Carl explains how God has always related to His people: through covenants. Pastor Chris then gives a brief history of how the church came to an age-segregated ministry model.

Anchor Baptist Church
3601 Winthrop Drive
Lexington, Kentucky 40514


Worship Times

Sunday School - 9:00 am

Sunday Worship - 10:25 am

Convergence Worship - 6:00 pm

Wednesday Night - 6:30 pm