Worship is a verb! There are many Scriptural words we translate in English as worship, and all of them are actions or postures. Therefore, everyone who enters the sanctuary is asked to participate rather than spectate.  In 1 Corinthians 14, the Apostle Paul speaks of everyone adding their unique voice as the church gathers to worship. We all have an important role in worshiping our Trinitarian God, who is most worthy of our worship.


While the greatest choir at Anchor is the congregation, we also have several choral ensembles who offer their gifts in worship. Here is a list of our choirs and ensembles:

Sanctuary Choir

Provides worship leadership each Sunday – Rehearsals on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m.

*Handbell Choir

Provides worship leadership once a month – Rehearsals TBA

*Chamber Orchestra

Twice a year our orchestra combines with other players to accompany the Sanctuary Choir in seasonal musicals – for Christmas and Holy Week. 

*Chamber Choir

Provides worship leadership on special occasions during the Christian Year – Rehearsals TBA

Children’s Choir and Tone Chime Choir

Is primarily a training ground for musical skills, and worship. The children occasionally lead in worship, especially during December and during Holy Week – Rehearsals TBA

*Speak with Pastor Carl to audition for these ensembles. 


Anchor has a Media Team responsible for operating the sound system, video equipment, recording services, and producing our online live streaming and on demand presentations. If you are interested in helping with this vital ministry, contact Pastor Phil.

Small Groups and Bible Studies

Anchor offers a variety of small groups where you can find connections and build relationships. Each Sunday morning, we offer small group Bible studies for all ages. We have the following classes meeting at 10:00 each Sunday morning:

  • Senior Men’s Class
  • Senior Ladies’ Class
  • Two Couples’ Classes
  • Young Adults Class
  • Singles Class
  • College and Career Class
  • Youth Class
  • Children’s Class
  • Nursery
  • New Members’ Class (Periodically)

Each Wednesday Night at 6:30, our Pastor leads an Adult Bible Study in the sanctuary. Also, at various times, small group Bible studies have been offered during the week. Please click here for a schedule